Live Q&A

Every weekend there will be a live Q&A where students can ask the mentor regarding the lesson.


Personal critique

Students will have lessons and home work every week and will receive a personal critique.


Chat with the mentor

The mentor will be available on ooVoo during the week to answer any question the students may have.


The Principles of Animation

Students will learn about poses, slow in and slow out, arcs, anticipation, exaggeration, timing and spacing, squash and stretch, follow through and overlap, straight ahead and pose to pose. They will also learn how to achieve believable motion applying the principles to simple objects in just 9 weeks.

flick rig
Puppet Character

Body Mechanics - Basics

Dive deep into the physicality of animating full body walks and runs on human with our rig. Go further with animating pulling and pushing of objects.
Understand the locomotion of the human body and improve your animations learning advanced timing, spacing and overlapp.